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Catholic Bishop: Voting for Obama, Dems Could Place ‘Eternal Salvation of Your Own Soul in Serious Jeopardy’
Vatican backs European personhood initiative
State Supreme Court says 'Roe' should be 'Overruled'
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Candidate wants to stop abortions
Planned Parenthood suspends pill abortions in Wis.
Mike Wallace Interview With Margaret Sanger Surfaces After Death
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Download Literature Here and Instructions on how to get signatures
Click to Download
CI-108 Petition
Click to Download
Affidavit of Petition Signature Gatherer
Click to Download
Voter Registration



download/print petition


download/print signatures gatherer's affidavit


download, print and fill out voter’s registration materials if you are not registered or not sure whether or not you are registered.


collect signatures or just your own signature


get the affidavit notarized (banks usually offer this service for free; even if your signature is the only one on the petition, you still need to attach your affidavit)


mail the original petition and notarized affidavit (and voter’s registration if utilized) to:

  Montana ProLife Coalition, PO Box 2758,  Bigfork, MT 59911
  (This may be preferred for individuals that have only their own signature


   for those who live a distance from their county office or don’t have time to
go to go there



take the original petitions and notarized affidavit to your county elections office and mail copies of the petitions and affidavit to (Take care not to mix originals and copies; county name or at least one signature in blue ink on original is one way to make sure they don't get mixed up)

  Montana PrpLife Coalition, PO Box 2758Bigfork, MT 59911
  (This is generally preferable, especially for those with more than one page
of signatures; we recommend you get a receipt for the number of pages
you hand in and mail that to us also


Make sure the fourth column is legible. If they can’t read your printed name, it will be thrown out. Last name, first and middle initial is preferred. The signature in the first column is supposed to match that on your voter’s registration. The elections office workers prefer physical address in the third column. The last two columns are to be left blank. Emphasize to signers that they must be registered to vote in the county at the bottom of the page they sign.


Register folks to vote if you can.


 If you wish to become one of our signatures gatherers, print as many forms as you wish and follow the steps above 4-8. Take your petitions to churches, small groups, Tea Parties, gun shows, fairs, etc.

  Download other literature below Just click on the title:
  • CI-108 Petition (first time printing, click here)
  • Only one side of the petition is printed, the back side is blank..
  • CI-108 Petition (for additional copies, click here)
  • Only one side of the petition is printed, the back side is blank..
  • Affidavit of Petition Signature Gatherer
  • You will need to keep track of the signatures you collect and turn this in with the petitions.
  • Dos and Don'ts of Signature Gathering
  • Instructions on how to collect signatures.
  • ADF Pastor Letter
  • Tells what a Pastor or Church may or may not do legally.
  • Dear Pastor Letter
  • Some tips about Personhood and why Montana needs it.
  • Voter Registration
  • For a signature to count that person must be a voter.
  • What is Personhood
  • A brief  paper on why Personhood and What it is.
  • Montana ProLife Coalition Brochure
  • Our brochure explaining who we are and what we do.
  • Poster for Table or Clipboard
  • A attention getting mini poster to put on a table or the back of your clipboard.
  • Montana Code Anotated MCA_13-27-210 
  • A letter to peace officers with the law that protects us at the polling places.
  • Signup Sheet for Our Newsletter
  • Sign-up sheet to collect names, phone numbers and email to send our newsletter.




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