Our Mission

Montana Prolife Mission Statement DocumentWe believe that the capacity to eradicate abortion lies in mobilizing grassroots activism. That is why we pledge to work with other prolife Montanan's on aggressive legislative, political, educational and prayerful advocacy on behalf of the unborn. Our legislative thrust is to promote legislation that gets at the core of the abortion outrage—that is, disregard for the personhood of the unborn, and the unconstitutionality of judicial tyranny that made Roe v Wade possible. Our goal is to win the main objective in the long run (abolishing abortion) without compromising in the short run. To that end, one short term goal of Montana ProLife Coalition is passage of a Personhood Amendment similar to CI 100, that goes to the root of the problem and fights for the foundational principle.

Dr. Bukacek says:
“The value of our life is not determined by whether or not we are wanted by our parents. It is not determined by our physical appearance. Intelligence, race or creed, the socio-economic group we belong to, our athletic ability, level of education, age, or our ability to financially contribute to society. Our value is intrinsic, given to us be our Creator who fashioned each one of us lovingly in the palm of His mighty hand. We need to fight for the rights of every tiny unborn child - the most innocent and defenseless of our human family. If we don’t stand up for those who can’t speak for themselves and vigorously oppose their slaughter, we will be held accountable by God for the progressive decline of this nation.”

Every human being, from the moment life begins, deserves equal protection under the law. This is the principle of personhood. The 1973 Supreme Court ruling of Roe v Wade removed all legal protection from an entire class of human beings, the unborn.

Not only do state personhood initiatives bring the tragedy of abortion to the attention of the people, they allow legislators to use it to support prolife legislation and defend it in the courts. It will be a stepping stone for future overturning Roe v Wade.

Personhood is the only strategy on the forefront that gets right at the key weaknesses of Roe v Wade. The root of legalization of abortion is the denial of personhood and the false doctrine of judicial supremacy. Justice Blackmun, who wrote the majority decision in Roe v Wade himself said that if the personhood of the unborn was established, then their right to life is guaranteed specifically by the 14th Amendment. That is why we say the per-son-hood of the unborn is pivotal to overturning Roe v Wade.

What is meant by judicial and federal supremacy is the false doctrine that the federal government has broad sweeping power over states and the judicial branch has power over the legislative and executive branches. That goes directly against our US Constitution that strictly limits the power of the fed-eral government over the states and grants bal-ance among the three powers.

Acceptance of unconstitutional judicial supremacy is one basis for the failure of the prolife movement and also the division in the prolife movement leadership. Most Prolife groups that oppose state personhood constitutional amendments support instead a federal human life amendment and think we just need to get the correct president in to appoint the right Supreme Court Justices. They say “Roe v Wade is a federal not state issue” and therefore state initiatives will not provide a direct challenge to Roe v Wade. The language of the 10th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution certainly supports abortion being a states’ issue.

Let’s look at the legislative prolife alternatives to personhood; all have failed repeatedly for 36 years.
1. The failed approach of a federal human life amendment: Efforts toward a federal human life amendment entail voting in a president who will appoint prolife U.S. Supreme Court JUSTICES. Unfortunately, both Republican and Democrat Presidents have chosen justices poorly. SEVEN of THE NINE Supreme Court Justices were appointed by Republicans at the time of Roe v Wade. If we did, by some miracle, get five of nine, or thinking big, nine of nine solid prolife justices, that could usher in a federal life amendment. We haven’t had 5 of 9 since the 1960s, and even if we did that doesn’t make the false doctrine of judiciary supremacy constitutional.
2. The failed approach of parental consent, provisions for fetal pain alleviation, regulation of abortion clinics: these efforts usually lose in the legislature, and even if they do win in the legislative branch, they are shot down by the Montana Supreme Court or vetoed by the Montana governor. They lose based on the right to privacy in the Montana Constitution being stretched beyond all sensibility. Even the parental notification bill that passed both Houses in Montana was battled in the courts. Besides that, these approaches carry a premise that abortion should be allowed if you meet certain qualifications. You can still kill the baby as long as X, Y and Z is fulfilled. Fetal homicide bills, bills requiring death certificates for aborted babies have been passed in some states over the years…Perhaps well-intentioned but have done NOTHING to stop the slaughter.
3. The failed approach of voting prolife candidates into local, state and US political offices: While it is beneficial and correct to vote for only prolife candidates, for a variety of reasons that has not made any difference in protection of the unborn. It is notable in the 1990s when we had a supposedly “prolife” Republican president and both DC Houses of Congress were Republican…NOTHING was passed to protect the unborn.

There is little doubt that non-legislative strategies have saved lives. Individual and collective prayer, fasting, crisis pregnancy centers, peaceful picketing and other loving approaches at abortion mills have all saved lives. They are a critical part of fighting abortion. Without prayer, we’d be nowhere. Unfortunately, thousands of unborn children are still destroyed each day by abortion in this nation.

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